March 3, 2016

Acceleration Systems is a Cloud based Service Provider, delivering WAN Optimization in a SaaS model. Our solution enables businesses to gain productivity and a substantial increase in network performance, especially over challenged links. Many members of our team have built the infrastructure of prior companies with Open Source software and have a common mindset to support the community and the projects that power the internet.

FreeBSD plays a major role in our flagship product, the Remote Business Accelerator. Though the majority of our team has roots in Linux, FreeBSD was selected for its lean footprint, extensive ports tree, and carrier grade applications supported on this incredibly stable operating system. Members of our team endorsed it as the system of choice with experience dating back 15 years to FreeBSD 4.1 while at the University of Kentucky.

We are thankful for the opportunity to build a product with the flexibility the BSD license presents. The Acceleration Systems team is happy to contribute to this project and help keep the internet a great place to learn and produce!

– Jack McKinney, VP Engineering, Acceleration Systems