A Decade of Unwavering Service – FreeBSD and Asterisk’s Tale


Ten years ago, the horizon of telecommunications was remarkably different. Cloud-based solutions were just beginning to whisper promises of infinite scalability and flexibility. Yet, amidst these nascent clouds, a client of ours decided to anchor their telephony needs firmly to the ground, with an on-premise VoIP solution. This solution, a harmonious meld of FreeBSD and Asterisk, has not just withstood the test of time but has thrived, offering insights into durability, cost-effectiveness, and technological resilience.

The Setup

In the golden year of 2014, we embarked on a journey with our client, installing an on-premise VoIP solution. FreeBSD, known for its robustness and security, was the chosen operating system, and Asterisk, the star of VoIP solutions, took centre stage. This dynamic duo was set to support around 30 users.

The charm of this setup? It was sold with a 12-month maintenance solution. But here’s the kicker – the client felt no need to renew it after a year, thanks to the system’s stellar performance. 

A Decade of Silence

For almost ten years, this setup was like the strong, silent type in a corner – efficient, reliable, and utterly unobtrusive. Then, out of the blue, an email alert about a hard drive failure pinged into existence. Thanks to the foresight of installing multiple hard drives in a RAID configuration, this hiccup was nothing more than that – a hiccup. The system continued its diligent work without a pause.

Upon receiving the client’s call, we swiftly replaced the hard drive. Yet, this incident shone a spotlight on an impressive fact – the system, a decade old, was still performing admirably. 

The Upgrade

Considering the system was running on FreeBSD 9.3, which was, let’s say, enjoying its retirement, an upgrade was due. We ushered the system into the present, upgrading it to FreeBSD 13.3 and refreshing Asterisk to its current version. The transformation was akin to giving the system a sip from the fountain of youth – it’s as good as new.

The Financials

Let’s talk numbers for a moment. Had our client opted for a cloud-based solution, envisioning a modest £15 per month for each of their 30 users, the cost over ten years would’ve been… well, let’s just say it would’ve made their accountant wince. Instead, their initial investment in the on-premise solution, plus the cost of calls (and a singular hard drive replacement), paints a much more palatable financial picture.

The Unspoken Hero

This tale isn’t just about cost savings. It’s a testament to the reliability of FreeBSD and Asterisk. Upgrading an operating system from a decade ago to its current version without a hitch is miraculous in the tech world. It speaks volumes about the forward-thinking design and compatibility considerations of FreeBSD.


As we look back over the past decade, this case study isn’t just about technology. It’s about making the right choices at the right time. It’s about unseen heroes like FreeBSD and Asterisk, which empower businesses to communicate effectively without demanding the limelight. 

And as for our client? We might hear from them in another ten years, perhaps to replace another hard drive. But until then, we rest easy, knowing we’ve provided a solution not just for the present, but for the future.

In a world constantly chasing the next big thing, sometimes, the real value lies in what’s already there – steadfast, reliable, and unyieldingly effective. Here’s to another decade of silent service. Cheers!

– Contributed by Sheridan Computers