Getting Started with FreeBSD

As part of the FreeBSD Foundation’s education initiative, we’ve worked with community members and new recruits to develop guides that make getting started with FreeBSD a straight forward process.  For an overview, see our FreeBSD Quickstart Guide. Stay tuned for more how-tos as they become available. 

How-To Guides

How to Run a FreeBSD InstallFest:

Below you’ll find download links for the necessary tools and information for running your own FreeBSD InstallFest. Feel free to make your own changes to customize the material for your own InstallFest.

InstallFest Instructions via Website How-To:

InstallFest Part 1

InstallFest Part 2

Introduction to FreeBSD Desktop Distributions:

Community Resources

FreeBSD Merchandise

Looking for FreeBSD branded items? Check out the ShopFreeBSD store on Zazzle.