FreeBSD End User Stories

From enterprise to individuals. From mission-critical to servers to laptops. See how users are leveraging the power of FreeBSD for security, performance, and scalability.​​

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Organizations Benefiting from FreeBSD

Antithesis: Pioneering Deterministic Hypervisors with FreeBSD and Bhyve

 Faced with the challenge of inconsistent bug reproducibility, Antithesis developed “the Determinator” – a deterministic hypervisor built on FreeBSD and Bhyve.

Cloudnium's Adoption of FreeBSD for Advanced Hosting Solutions

In order to meet the hosting needs of AI and cloud computing clients with high density needs, Cloudnium adopted FreeBSD for its core infrastructure leading to higher performance, cost savings, and increased client satisfaction.

Enhancing Network Management by Switching from Linux to FreeBSD: The Metify Approach

Looking for added stability, tight ZFS integration, and enhanced security out-of-the-box, Metify moved the Enterprise version of its Mojo platform’s underlying operating system to FreeBSD.

How RG Nets Uses FreeBSD to Build the Future of High-Performance Edge Networks

With the adoption of 5G broadband and high-speed public Wi-Fi, telcos and service providers are expanding their footprints at the edge.  RG Nets, in search of a more cost-effective solution to managing higher data loads efficiently, looked to FreeBSD to enhance network performance without proprietary limitations.

A Decade of Unwavering Service – FreeBSD and Asterisk’s Tale

A decade-old on-premise VoIP solution faced the challenges of time and hardware failures, revealing the hidden resilience and cost-effectiveness of FreeBSD and Asterisk.

Achieving a smaller footprint by switching from Windows to FreeBSD

With the end-of-life of Windows CE on the horizon, Beckhoff started to look elsewhere for an operating system.

Flexibility and Performance for a Data Management System with FreeBSD

NetApp wrestled with licensing complexities, prompting a search for a way to revolutionize their data management system.

Maintaining the World’s Fastest Content Delivery Network at Netflix on FreeBSD

Netflix needed a high-performance, low-maintenance, and reliable operating system to stream content to their 260+ million subscribers efficiently.

"Beyond its technical strengths, FreeBSD comes with an outstanding ecosystem of developers, vendors, and users who openly share expertise, talent, and technical improvements.

Netflix has embraced this community and is committed to giving back its bug fixes and enhancements, thus completing the circle of community collaboration."
David Fullagar​
Director of Content Delivery Architecture​

Users love FreeBSD, too!

We asked users what they loved about FreeBSD. We didn’t expect this enthusiastic of a response!

Tara Stella

Tara has multiple laptops, with over half running FreeBSD, applying the KISS approach: “Keep it Simple and Secure.”

Robin Heywood

Robin is running FreeBSD on two systems as a File Server and a Gateway. Why? It’s “Rock Stable” and open source!

Daniel Arves

Daniel runs FreeBSD on his laptop with his feet up on the desk. He wanted something that was customizable and simple.

Our Fans

In over 20 years, FreeBSD has amassed quite a few fans!
See what they have to say!

NetApp Mini Logo White Transparent

“NetApp proudly uses FreeBSD as a core component of our ONTAP storage operating system. With FreeBSD, we can deliver high-performance products with the reliability, security, and supportability our customers expect.”

Matt Hambrick
Director, ONTAP Engineering

Netflix Mini Logo White Transparent

Netflix picked FreeBSD 9 because it is a high-performing, low-maintenance, and reliable operating system supported by major hardware vendors. FreeBSD provides a simple but powerful solution capable of serving tens of thousands of simultaneous video streams across multiple 10Gbit fiber optic links.”

David Fullagar
Director of Content Delivery Architecture

Modrium Mini Logo White Transparent

Modirum provides software and hosted services for banks, merchants, payment service providers, and card companies worldwide. We use FreeBSD for all our hosted services, from routers and firewalls to application servers and databases.”

Eirik Øverby
Chief Operating Officer

Mellanox Mini Logo White Transparent

Mellanox Technologies has been a long-time developer and contributor in the FreeBSD community, integrating Mellanox leading-edge RDMA and other advanced offload technologies into the generally available FreeBSD operating system.” 

Yaron Gepstein
VP of Software

NeoSmart Mini Logo White Transparent

“For us, sticking with and continuing to support FreeBSD is a no-brainer. NeoSmart is proud to sponsor FreeBSD every year and readily recommend it ‘hands down’ when asked for our recommendation for a fast, battle-tested, and reliable platform.”

Mahmoud Al-Qudsi

SimPro Mini Logo White Transparent

“FreeBSD’s incredible security posture and updates, network performance, and excellent IO and memory management make running [SimPRO’s] large, traffic-heavy, and mission-critical application a much easier. The operating system does much of the heavy lifting, meaning my engineers can focus on product evolution rather than server maintenance.”

Jonathan Eastgate
Chief Technology Officer

mSIFunturo Mini Logo White Transparent

“MSI/FUNTORO leverages FreeBSD to deliver high-performance on-demand audio/video streaming services for buses, trains, stadiums, and hotels. FreeBSD was chosen for its stability and reliability, the ease of upgrade and maintenance, the reliability of security updates, and the amazing overall quality of the packages.”

Scott Chen
Managing Director

Cleverbridge Mini Logo White Transparent

cleverbridge has used FreeBSD for our development, test, and production environments. FreeBSD offers us unique security features, reliability, industry-leading technologies, and amazing performance. From our web servers, email servers to our storage servers, FreeBSD helps drive our global e-commerce solutions.”

Paul Herman
Director of IT – Technical

pfsense mini logo White Transparent

“Without the FreeBSD community and the contributions of its members and benefactors, Netgate’s pfSense project would not continue to thrive as it does today.”

Jim Thompson
Chief Technology Officer

hobnob mini logo White Transparent

“Hobnob chose FreeBSD because it is the only operating system that truly supports our mission: Delivering fast and reliable network service to our customers.”

Aron Hall

verisign mini logo White Transparent

“Since changing to FreeBSD, we have been pleased to see it live up to our expectations. The FreeBSD development community’s hard work makes the Internet safer and more reliable. Verisign is proud to participate in the FreeBSD development community and to have employees who contribute work back to FreeBSD as well.”

Glen Wiley
Principal Engineer

stormshield mini logo White Transparent

“Stormshield leverages FreeBSD to deliver high-performance UTM (Unified Threat Management) and Next-Generation Firewall technology. We continuously show our support for FreeBSD via technical contributions and sponsorship; as a company, we are totally committed to the ongoing success of this great community.”

Fabien Thomas​
Chief Innovation Officer​

Chelsio Mini Logo White Transparent

“Many of our largest customers have chosen FreeBSD, and due to the high quality of our support and commitment to FreeBSD, we have found that customers that choose FreeBSD most often choose Chelsio. The Chelsio team is happy to contribute, learn, and grow with the community.”

Mehdi Mohtashemi​
VP of Engineering

NGINX mini logo White Transparent

“FreeBSD was the main development platform for the NGINX project. His main development platform was FreeBSD. We continue to use FreeBSD as a reference platform for NGINX and NGINX Plus development and testing. We appreciate its maturity, stability, and impressive performance.”

Maxim Konovalov
VP, Engineering and Co-Founder

ScaleEngine Mini Logo White Transparent

“ScaleEngine’s small team of developers and systems administrators manage over 100 servers in 38 data centers spread across 11 countries. Achieving this level of scale with such a small team is only possible because of the extensive documentation, observability, monitoring, and automation tooling available for FreeBSD.

Allan Jude
VP, Operations

Acceleration Systems Mini Logo White Transparent

“FreeBSD plays a major role in our flagship product, the Remote Business Accelerator. Though the majority of Acceleration Systems’ team has roots in Linux, FreeBSD was selected for its lean footprint, extensive ports tree, and carrier-grade applications supported on this incredibly stable operating system.”

Jack McKinney
VP, Engineering

Hyper V Mini Logo White Transparent

“The drive to make FreeBSD on Hyper-V successful rests almost exclusively on the fact that many major appliances (network, storage, security and etc.) leverage FreeBSD as their base OS to build their product. Ensuring these virtual appliances based on FreeBSD run well on Hyper-V, and eventually in Azure, is a strategically important investment for Microsoft.”

Jason M. Anderson
Principal PM Manager

Xinuos Mini Logo White Transparent

“When Xinuos sought a mature and stable operating system with a modern feature set as an alternative for its installed base of clients, FreeBSD stood out as the obvious choice. Our resellers especially appreciate the freedom of the BSD license, which provides the best flexibility in the industry for creating customized solution stacks.”

Sean Synder
President & COO

XipLink Mini Logo White Transparent

“We needed the most stable, efficient, supported, and well-documented network stack available, which we can modify to our hearts’ content. FreeBSD has been providing just that to XipLink. It made our first implementation of the Space Communication Protocol Standard much easier with its friendly BSD licensing model for kernel code and the tremendous amount of documentation available on its network stack.”

Karim Fodil-Lemelin
Vice President of Engineering

UNIX Mini Logo White Transparent

“Most of our local and remote contractors have had no problem transitioning to FreeBSD syntax and procedures for updating their development jail in a “real” UNIX environment where they have full control, as do our customers. This flexibility, coupled with the project’s continued commitment to stability, security, and scalability made FreeBSD the right choice for most of Tera Bear’s web development projects.”

Jon Lybrook
Founder, Tera Bear Consulting

WhatsApp Mini Logo White Transparent

“At WhatsApp, we leverage FreeBSD and Erlang to provide industry record uptime. The ability to scale linearly on commodity hardware has allowed WhatsApp to keep our serving costs low. These days, we run anywhere between 2 million and 3 million concurrent TCP connections on a single FreeBSD server.”

Jan Koum
CEO, aka Sr. Tweet Manager

iX Systems Mini Logo White Transparent

“We believe strongly that what is good for FreeBSD is good for our customers, and what is good for our customers is good for iXsystems. The BSD License allows us to use and contribute code freely and allows our customers and the consumers of FreeBSD to do the same. FreeBSD has benefited from years of open sharing and collaboration, which have resulted in a stable, mature, high-performance operating system.”

Josh Paetzel
Director of Information Technology mini logo White Transparent

“FreeBSD has been an integral part of shaping many of today’s Internet technologies, which benefit all Internet users worldwide. FreeBSD has been a flexible tool adapting itself to the changing conditions as the Internet has grown. Along the way, FreeBSD has been a hallmark of stability, order, and management of one of the Internet’s most valuable resources — the “free” BSD operating system.”

Marty Puranik
Founder/CEO, Atlantic.Net

juniper mini logo White Transparent

“The FreeBSD release system provides Juniper with a roadmap for features and a stable base for our code, while its practical licensing enables Juniper to develop intellectual property for advancing high-performance networking. Juniper employs many active FreeBSD developers that continually contribute to the FreeBSD project to further its development as a leading operating system.”

Naren Prabhu
Vice President Foundation Technologies

pair mini logo White Transparent

“Pair Networks has been relying on FreeBSD as an essential tool for providing world-class web hosting. The reliability and stability of FreeBSD allow us to provide customers with server uptime of well over 99.9%. Our customers depend on the proven security of FreeBSD to keep their sites operational and their data secure. As an open source system, FreeBSD is easy to update with new protections when security threats arise. The stability and robustness of FreeBSD makes it easy for us to live up to this promise.”

Kevin Martin

nyi mini logo White Transparent

“NYI is a data center provider that uses FreeBSD for iall of its internal and customer-facing solutions for colocation and dedicated servers, cloud computing, and managed services. Our initial choice of technology included commercial Unix systems tied to proprietary hardware. However, the cost and portability of FreeBSD were determining factors in our changing platforms early in our company’s existence.”

Phillip Koblence
VP of Operations

Experts Exchange Mini Logo White Transparent

“Experts Exchange did extensive performance testing of our website, several flavors of Linux and UNIX, including FreeBSD. FreeBSD outperformed all other tested operating systems in page load time metrics and Lucene search index performance testing. Since then, we’ve migrated our developer, test and production servers to FreeBSD. We’ve also used FreeBSD jails to host our developer test servers and We have come to rely on FreeBSD throughout our local office datacenter and our co-location datacenter stack.”

Andrew Alsup
Site Director

NYC Bug Mini Logo White Transparent

“Our position provides a multitude of angles on FreeBSD usage in the New York metropolitan area, from end-users exploring FreeBSD for the first time to enterprise infrastructures relying on FreeBSD. While NYC*BUG plants a flag and maintains a steady *BSD presence, we benefit from the increased interest and reliance on FreeBSD as a stable, sane operating system.”

NYC*BUG’s Admin@ Group

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