Teaching others and spreading the word about FreeBSD is an important part of the Foundation’s mission. This includes sponsoring and attending many BSD and non-BSD conferences, supporting work on creating FreeBSD curriculum to be taught in schools and universities, publishing the high-quality FreeBSD focused magazine, The FreeBSD Journal, and developing collateral to spread the word about the Project and opportunities within.

Intro to FreeBSD

What is FreeBSD?

FreeBSD is a free Unix-like operating system descended from Research Unix via the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), also known as “Berkeley Unix.”

Resources for Newbies

Looking to get started with FreeBSD? Check out the Project’s Newbies page to learn more about the operating system and how to contribute to FreeBSD.

Install FreeBSD

FreeBSD supports different architectures including amd64, ARM®, RISC-V®, and PowerPC®. Depending on the architecture and platform, different images can be downloaded to install or directly run FreeBSD.

End User Stories

From enterprise to individuals. From mission-critical to servers to laptops. See how users are leveraging the power of FreeBSD for security, performance, and scalability.​​

How-To Guides

The Foundation has created a small collection of 101-level how-to guides that include installing FreeBSD for the first time, an introduction to jails and the ZFS file system, and more! These resources can be filtered by topic and difficulty.


TeachBSD materials

Developed by FreeBSD Foundation board members George Neville-Neil and Robert Watson, the TeachBSD initiative offers a set of reusable course materials designed to allow others to teach both university students and software practitioners FreeBSD operating system fundamentals.

The Foundation is proud to have played a small part in sponsoring their efforts to teach the initial graduate level course on operating systems with tracing at the University of Cambridge. Other course and tutorial variations are currently being developed. Hear more about the class from George and Robert during their December 2015 BSDTalk Interview.


The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) offers a BSD Specialist certification through its Open Technology Certification program. The exam focuses on the practical skills required to work successfully in a FreeBSD, NetBSD or OpenBSD environment and tests the knowledge and skills needed to administer BSD operating system

The exam focuses on BSD installation, storage devices, and BSD systems, system and network administra

FreeBSD Stickers!

Hosting a FreeBSD event and need stickers to hand out? Download the image files below and send them to your favorite sticker printing service.

FreeBSD Events

Attending and speaking at both BSD and non-BSD focused events is great way to showcase the features of FreeBSD. Events also provide opportunities for developers to meet face-to-face.  The Foundation sponsors and exhibits at conferences and workshops throughout the year. Check out our Upcoming Events Calendar to see where we’ll be next. Need help getting to that important conference? Our Travel Grant program may be able to help. Speaking at an upcoming event that would be of interest to the FreeBSD community? Let us know so we can spread the word.

FreeBSD Journal
Published 6 times a year, the FreeBSD Journal is the best way to keep up with the latest releases and new developments in FreeBSD.  Now free to everyone, it’s a great time to check out the latest issue.