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December 2023 
Update – Part 1

Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to the first of two Foundation updates for the month of December. Normally, we’d wait until the end of the month to remind you of all the ways your investment in us has helped the FreeBSD Project thrive. Of course, it’s not the first time you’ve heard about the work we’ve been doing. As a newsletter subscriber, you’ve had a front-row seat to our efforts for the past year.  So, instead of looking back, let’s focus on what your investment in us this year will help us accomplish in 2024. The Foundation team is growing, and as the team grows, so do our efforts to support the Project in the coming year. 

As we build our 2024 plan, our focus will be to improve the desktop/user experience to make it easier to start using FreeBSD, implement key features and technologies to ensure FreeBSD is the operating system of choice for your application, and grow and engage with the community.​​ More specifically, your investment will help us in the following areas:

  • Improving the ease of adoption of FreeBSD for users by providing a more out-of-the-box experience by working on areas such as improving hardware support for a curated set of laptops, making sure that FreeBSD works well on low-cost arm64 platforms, reducing the time and number of steps to install FreeBSD, and providing more documentation on the new user experience. 
  • Implementing key features and technologies to help drive innovation and keep FreeBSD the secure, stable, and reliable operating system you rely on for current and new applications. 
  • Increasing the visibility of FreeBSD to drive adoption in key use cases.
  • Building community to facilitate an atmosphere for innovation, collaboration, and education through content creation, community events, and increased opportunities for developer interaction.

Through these efforts, we work to support you, the community of contributors, users, and advocates, to help ensure the continuity of FreeBSD as a viable option for operating system choice.

Please consider investing in FreeBSD in 2024, and thank you again to those who have already invested in FreeBSD this year! Your support is greatly appreciated.

On behalf of the FreeBSD Foundation team, I wish you a very happy holiday season.


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December Foundation Highlights – Part 1

Security, Performance, and Interoperability; Introducing FreeBSD 14

The FreeBSD community is proud to herald the release of FreeBSD 14. FreeBSD 14 represents the 82nd release in the history of one of the world’s first open source projects, and contains over two and a half years of development work since the launch of the previous release. FreeBSD is the engine behind some of the world’s most well-known and widely used systems and brands including Sony Playstation, NetApp, Juniper, NetScaler, Netflix, and Netgate. With support until at least November 30th, 2028 for the FreeBSD 14.x series of releases, FreeBSD 14 continues FreeBSD’s legacy of creating an exceptionally stable, secure, and performance-oriented operating system. FreeBSD 14 brings further security and performance enhancements, along with extended support and interoperability. In this blog, we’ll take a look at these key themes to outline what’s new in FreeBSD 14, and more importantly, why it matters.

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OSI: How Open Source instruction set architectures are transforming security

Ed Maste, senior director of technology for the FreeBSD Foundation, talks about some of the ways Open Source is revitalizing long-standing hardware security practices in his latest article on 

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A Sneak Peek: SIMD-Enhanced String Functions for AMD64

String processing is a common part of almost all programs found on FreeBSD. Even if strings are not at the core of an application, many ancillary tasks such as parsing options, dealing with configuration files, and generating log files involve string operations.

String operations have a reputation for performing rather poorly. Instead of having an explicit length, C strings are terminated with nul characters. Routines processing such strings, such as those provided by the C standard library libc are often reduced to walking through strings character by character in search for the nul terminator.

To remedy these performance problems, the FreeBSD Foundation sponsored work to reimplement the libc string functions with SIMD techniques, speeding up string functions and conveying benefits to a wide variety of text-processing programs. An initial implementation was carried out for the amd64 architecture (also known as x86-64) using the SSE family of instruction set extensions. Being the most common architecture on which FreeBSD is used and the most widely supported set of SIMD extensions, we hope that the largest share of our user base can benefit from this initial improvement.

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Calling All Members of the FreeBSD Community: Take the 2024 Community Survey!


The FreeBSD Core Team and the FreeBSD Foundation invite you to complete the 2024 FreeBSD Community Survey.  The purpose of this survey is to collect quantitative data from the public in order to help guide the Project’s priorities and efforts. Your input and feedback are very important to us!

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FreeBSD Journal


The September/October 2023 issue of the FreeBSD Journal is here! This issue is all about Ports and Packages. Articles are now available in both HTML and PDF. Best of all? It’s Free!

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Why Choose FreeBSD

NetApp proudly uses FreeBSD as a core component of our ONTAP storage operating system. With FreeBSD, we are able to deliver high performance products with the reliability, security and supportability that our customers expect. As a part of the FreeBSD community, NetApp is able to collaborate with industry leading technology companies. The FreeBSD Foundation has done a great job of driving FreeBSD innovation and facilitating cross corporation and industry collaboration. Your continued success contributes to the successes of all users of FreeBSD. Thank you.

– Matt Hambrick, Director, ONTAP Engineering

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