November 2, 2023

The FreeBSD Vendor Summit always provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about how and why companies are using FreeBSD. Metify, the company behind the award-winning Mojo Platform, will do just that by showcasing two new groundbreaking products Friday, at this year’s Summit.

Ian Evans, CTO, Metify

Metify Mojo is a virtual appliance that discovers, provisions, and maintains servers from anywhere. Ian Evans, Metify’s CTO, will discuss FreeBSD’s critical role in creating Mojo. 

Metify provides two offerings:

  • Mojo Edge datacenter provisioning – platform– A comprehensive solution designed to discover, configure and provision bare metal servers and storage within the data center and at the edge. The solution focuses on keeping the user experience simple without vendor lock-in. This tool works in conjunction with Metify’s Photon ISP Platform to seamlessly manage geographically distributed bare metal assets. Entirely reliant on BSD and bhyve, the platform’s transition to BSD-native is imminent with the maturation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).
  • Photon ISP platform – A cutting-edge solution ensuring uninterrupted 4G/5G and Starlink failover as a supplementary layer to wireless ISP services. Built on the robust FreeBSD 13.2, it entirely supersedes Starlink’s router functionality. This innovation is set to transition the current Photon WISP platform catering to our Bluemont, Virginia clientele.

“FreeBSD is the cornerstone of Metify’s stack and helps us drive Mojo’s innovation. We moved from Linux to FreeBSD for the flexibility its licensing offers and its unparalleled performance capabilities, enabling us to provision thousands of data center nodes at once. Additionally, it has significantly streamlined our software architecture, while enhancing system uptime,” commented Ian Evans, CTO of Metify.

At Metify’s presentation at the FreeBSD Vendor Summit, Evans will discuss: 

  • Moving from Linux to FreeBSD: How and why Metify switched from Linux to FreeBSD, and from KVM to Bhyve. He will discuss how Metify incorporated Bhyve into its system.
  • The value of simplifying with FreeBSD:  With FreeBSD, Metify simplified its software stack and boosted reliability. It will discuss how it built a zero-touch FreeBSD installation process and automated its stack with Ansible.
  • Flexibility and innovation: Metify will discuss how the FreeBSD licensing structure allows greater flexibility in the future (especially vs. Linux). It will also discuss how Metify is developing devices using FreeBSD for remote setup over 4G and 5G networks and FreeBSD-based edge devices that enable remote bare metal provisioning through 4G and 5G networks.
  • Enhanced security:  Metify will also share how it uses FreeBSD as a secure gateway for Mojo. This will include discussions around pf, ipfw, dummynet,, and NTOPNG for traffic monitoring.

You can catch Ian’s talk in-person at the Summit or online via the live stream.