June 13, 2019


FreeBSD Foundation Announces FreeBSD Day on June 19, 2019

Date Celebrates the FreeBSD Operating System and Its Global Impact on Open Source Computing

BOULDER, CO – May 30, 2019 – The FreeBSD Foundation, supporters of FreeBSD, one of the oldest and largest open source computer operating systems in the world and used by many top corporations, has announced that June 19, 2019 is FreeBSD Day. FreeBSD Day marks the date in 1993 that developers named the new open source operating system and celebrates the impact FreeBSD has had on open source computing.

“We’re very excited to celebrate FreeBSD, its pioneering technologies, and the impact it has made on the world for the past 25 years,” said FreeBSD Foundation Executive Director Deb Goodkin. “The FreeBSD Foundation is pleased to continue to support the FreeBSD Community and join in honoring the Project and those who work countless hours making it the stable, secure, and reliable open source operating system it is today,” she added.

FreeBSD impacts millions of lives every day. Whether you are streaming Netflix, playing games on the PS4, or planning your trips on Trivago, you’re using FreeBSD.  This robust and scalable open source operating system is ideally suited for servers, embedded devices, security products and desktops. Its high performance, stability, security, standards compliance, and trouble-free system administration make it the choice for many Internet service and content providers, universities, network and data storage appliance vendors, and enterprise corporations.

Other operating systems, such as Linux, supply just the kernel and require third-party software and tools to handle the functions of the operating system. FreeBSD, however, is a cohesive base system. It is developed, integrated and tested as a complete functioning operating system that includes a kernel, device drivers, tools, userland utilities and excellent documentation in several languages. As a result, developers find it’s easier to work out bugs and implement corrections with FreeBSD.

The FreeBSD Project includes a developer-elected Core Team, functional teams for different aspects of the operating system, and a community of thousands of developers and contributors from all over the world. While most other open-source operating systems have a hierarchical and notoriously difficult approval process for new code, the FreeBSD community of developers has a collaborative development environment. Its democratic and approachable nature makes it easy to contribute enhancements and functionality to any of the ongoing FreeBSD projects.  

About FreeBSD Project

FreeBSD is an open source operating system descended from the Unix developed at the University of California, Berkeley that became an open source project in 1993 with several hundred active committers from across the globe. Today, FreeBSD provides a copy-free modern operating system that is up-to-date and scalable, offers high-performance, security, and advanced networking. It is used for personal workstations, Internet servers, embedded devices, routers, and firewalls. The FreeBSD packages collection includes tens of thousands of popular software suites such as: Apache web server, GNOME, KDE, X.org, Python, Firefox and more. The FreeBSD community is comprised of a global community of end users, developers and companies large and small working together to further the OS.

About FreeBSD Foundation

The FreeBSD Foundation is a 501(c)(3), US based, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the FreeBSD Project and community worldwide. Funding comes from individual and corporate donations and is used to fund development projects; support infrastructure; improve test coverage, continuous integration and automation; sponsor community engagement; and advocate for the Project. The Foundation also represents the FreeBSD Project in executing contracts, license agreements, and other legal arrangements that require a recognized legal entity. For more information or to find out how you can get involved, please call (720) 207-5142 or visit our website at https://freebsdfoundation.org/. Follow us on Facebook at @FreeBSDFoundation and on Twitter at @freebsdfndation.

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