June 30, 2017

FreeBSD Foundation 2017 Project Proposal Solicitation

One of the ways the Foundation supports FreeBSD is by providing development grants for work on individual projects. These allow developers to propose projects they would like to undertake to improve FreeBSD, and request funding to perform that work. The Foundation is always willing to receive proposals, but will occasionally issue a call for proposals to highlight specific areas of focus and to be able to collect and evaluate a group of proposals.

The Foundation now has a call for project proposals open, for work related to any of the major subsystems or infrastructure within the FreeBSD operating system. The proposal deadline is July 14, 2017, and accepted proposals will be announced in August.

Although proposals may address any FreeBSD subsystem or infrastructure, we are particularly interested in receiving proposals related to:

  • Improvements to the security of FreeBSD itself, or of applications running on FreeBSD.
  • New test cases, improved test infrastructure, and quality assurance.
  • Improved software development tools.
  • Projects to improve community collaboration and communication.
  • Improving the FreeBSD “out of the box” experience for new users on various hardware platforms.
  • Establishing FreeBSD as a leader in advancing projects of shared interest (such as ZFS, LLVM, or libarchive).

More details can be found here, including the full project proposal submission guidelines. Please do not hesitate to contact proposals@freebsdfoundation.org with any questions.