July 5, 2017

I’m excited to announce our new FreeBSD Foundation Partnership Program! Our work is 100% supported by donations from individuals and organizations. With a spending budget of $1,500,000, we rely on large donations from our commercial users  to help us sustain and increase our support. Recognizing the value of these donations, and putting together a sustainable funding model, we wanted to institute benefits that highlighted this support, and recognize these donors in productive ways. Partnerships are an avenue to assist commercial users by helping them get on board more quickly with FreeBSD, share their needs with the community, and facilitate collaboration with FreeBSD developers. We believe building these relationships with commercial users will contribute to keeping FreeBSD relevant and a sustainable and healthy ecosystem.

You can check out our updated donor pages to see how we are acknowledging our Partners. You can also find out more about this new program here.

When I was in China last week, I had a chance to talk to a few companies about our new partnership program, and it definitely generated more interest in supporting our efforts.

We are continuing to reach out to commercial users for help that will enable us to provide more outreach and support for FreeBSD. This includes funding more projects to improve FreeBSD, providing FreeBSD education and training, and recruiting more contributors to the Project. We can only provide the above support with your donations. We need your help to connect us with your companies. Please consider sharing our new Partnership Program with your organization and help connect us with the appropriate contacts at your company.

Your donations will help us:

  • Accelerate improvements and add new features to FreeBSD
  • Support release engineering efforts full-time
  • Create and provide FreeBSD educational and training material
  • Provide face-to-face opportunities for developers to work together
  • Improve and support FreeBSD infrastructure

We need your support to continue improving FreeBSD. You can help by donating today and sharing our new Partnership Program with your company.

Contributed by Deb Goodkin