June 2, 2017

XipLink specializes in optimizing wireless links, WANs, or any network that experiences high latency, asymmetric allocation or high bit error rates. XipLink’s solutions are seen mainly in satellite networks, aviation, military, government and maritime systems.

Due to the broad range of our solutions, we need to provide software and hardware that can optimize several hundreds of thousands of users sessions simultaneously. For this we need the most stable, efficient, supported and well documented network stack available, which we can also modify to our hearts’ content.

FreeBSD has been providing just that to XipLink since release 4.5. It made our first implementation of the Space Communication Protocol Standard a lot easier with its friendly BSD licensing model for kernel code, as well as, with the tremendous amount of documentation available on its network stack (especially the TCP/IP Illustrated Series by Wright and Stevens).

Since then, things have steadily improved. System reliability, performance, extensive code reviews and attention to detail permeate the entire source tree, making FreeBSD the perfect environment for our continuously evolving and increasing feature set.

XipLink is proud to support FreeBSD, by sponsoring FreeBSD developers, submitting patches and features, or simply through subscriptions to the FreeBSD Journal and donations to the Foundation.

– Karim Fodil-Lemelin, Vice President of Engineering, XipLink Inc.