August 29, 2019

simPRO is a leading provider of cloud-based job and project management software to those in the Field Service and Trade Contracting industries – and was an early pioneer in providing its software as a SAAS based platform.

We’ve grown out of Australia with offices now in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

We’ve been running FreeBSD for about 7 years now – serving all of our product through 6 production data centers globally – comprising of a fleet of 300+ FreeBSD instances.

With over 5000 companies and 140,000+ users using simPRO globally – FreeBSD has given us the levels of scalability and reliability that we needed to provide a mission critical product to our customers.

We make extensive use of ZFS to accelerate database performance and secure some 500TB of our customers data – and we also use a range of FreeBSD’s built in clustering and replication tools to keep our instances synchronized across the globe. The FreeBSD ports collection has allowed us to expand our services with the comfort of knowing the packages are fit for purpose, well maintained and easily upgradable.

FreeBSD’s incredible security posture and updates, network performance, along with excellent IO and memory management make running this large, traffic heavy and mission critical application a much easier process. The operating system does a lot of the heavy lifting meaning my engineers can focus on product evolution rather than server maintenance.

Since we moved to FreeBSD, our uptime has improved dramatically. This is a testament not only to its stability, but also, how easily the operating system can be maintained and upgraded – and its packages with it.

– Jonathan Eastgate, Chief Technology Officer, simPRO