January 28, 2016

ScaleEngine is a global video streaming and content delivery network. We specialize in delivering live and on-demand video streams to users from servers near them for lower latency to ensure the best viewing experience. Our small team of developers and systems administrators manage more than 100 servers in 38 data centers spread across 11 countries. Achieving this level of scale with such a small team is only possible because of the extensive level of documentation, observability, monitoring, and automation tooling available for FreeBSD. The ready supply of expertise also made FreeBSD especially attractive.

ScaleEngine uses FreeBSD throughout its entire infrastructure. With more than 1000 TB of storage to manage, access to frequently updated OpenZFS is a critical component to our products. We also make extensive use of bhyve, jails, and the general extensibility of FreeBSD.

ScaleEngine sponsors the FreeBSD Foundation to ensure that we have access to regular timely releases and that the FreeBSD project gets the support it needs to flourish.

– Allan Jude,VP Operations, ScaleEngine, Inc.