December 28, 2015

The pfSense® project provides a free, Open Source distribution of FreeBSD, tailored for use as a firewall, router and VPN platform. The project is sponsored and run by Netgate and includes a long list of related features and a package system allowing the end-users to add even more functionality. From its beginnings a decade ago, pfSense has been based on FreeBSD. Our latest release, pfSense 2.2 is based on FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE. Other parts of the pfSense system derive from the FreeBSD ports collection. Together with FreeBSD, these components have allowed Netgate and the rest of the pfSense community to build the pfSense platform into an system of security tools that secures the networks at over 250,000 locations. Like FreeBSD, pfSense is BSD licensed. This licensing has enabled other organizations including VMware and Avaya to adapt the pfSense source code into their commercial offerings. The BSD License allows us to both use and contribute code freely, and allows both our customers and the consumers of FreeBSD to do the same.

Netgate is a proud Silver Sponsor of the FreeBSD project. Without the FreeBSD community and the contributions of its members and benefactors, the pfSense project would not continue to thrive as it does today. Netgate is committed to giving back its bug fixes and enhancements and continuing its financial assistance of the FreeBSD project. We encourage anyone so-inclined to donate to the FreeBSD Foundation as well. Doing so helps to increase the evolution and the popularization of FreeBSD for everyone.

– Jim Thompson, Chief Technology Officer, Netgate Inc.