December 28, 2015

Microsoft is building best-in-class platforms and productivity services for a mobile-first, cloud-first world, and our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Microsoft Hyper-V is a hypervisor-based virtualization system for x86-64 systems which provides virtualization of services for Microsoft’s cloud computing platform known as Microsoft Azure, a growing collection of integrated services – analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web – for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money.

The drive to make FreeBSD on Hyper-V successful rests almost exclusively on the fact that many major appliances (network, storage, security and etc.) leverage FreeBSD as their base OS to build their product.

With the continued trend of virtualization, appliance vendors are increasingly moving from the physical appliance business to virtual as it significantly increases their gross margin by decreasing development and manufacturing costs. Ensuring these virtual appliances based on FreeBSD run well on Hyper-V, and eventually in Azure, is a strategically important investment for Microsoft as it ensures that as this trend continues that the Microsoft stack is the best for customers with private and public cloud deployments.

– Jason M. Anderson, Principal PM Manager, Microsoft