January 18, 2016

Hobnob provides large-scale mobile WiFi network solutions to corporations and public transportation agencies. Hobnob Diversified Networks ™ are the only mobile WiFi networks that deliver enterprise-class speed and reliability to mobile and non-LOS locations such as buses, rail cars, remote offices and building sites.

Hobnob chose FreeBSD because it is the only operating system that truly supports our mission: Delivering fast and reliable network service to our customers.

When Hobnob solves a technical problem that is not specific to our core business we are free to sponsor that work and contribute it back to the community. However, when we have a major technological breakthrough that’s critical to the future of the company, we’re not forced to give away that core IP and help put ourselves out of business.

Sponsoring and contributing non-Hobnob-core code not only strengthens the foundation for everyone including Hobnob, but also saves Hobnob time and money on maintenance and sustaining engineering. This relationship with FreeBSD creates the ideal conditions for rapid innovation and problem solving that are two critical requirements for any company planning to survive in the current business environment.

– Aron Hall, CEO Hobnob, Inc.