FreeBSD Journal Transition

Beginning with the January/February 2019 issue, the FreeBSD Journal will become a free publication. Please take a minute to check out some of the frequently asked questions regarding the upcoming changes. If you have addition questions, please contact us.

Why are you moving to a free subscription model?

A big part of the FreeBSD Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness of FreeBSD throughout the world. The FreeBSD Journal is an excellent venue for keeping those interested in FreeBSD up-to-date. The articles are timely and informative. Therefore, the Foundation has decided that the benefit of making it freely accessible to everyone will outweigh the cost of producing it. We will continue to accept donations if you’d like to help us support the Journal.

Why have you removed it from the Mobile App Stores?

In order to streamline our processes and have more control over the contact we make with the community, we’ve decided to focus solely on the Browser-Based Edition. The new enhanced BB edition provides more benefits to the reader including article narration and an easily downloadable PDF version. 

I currently access the Journal via one of the Mobile Apps. What happens now?

While we’ve pulled the Journal from the storefront, those who have already downloaded it will still have access to past issues and upcoming issues. However, you will no longer receive notification when a new issue is available and the app will no longer be upgraded.  We recommend registering for the Browser-Based edition now to enjoy the enhanced features and continue to receive issue notifications.

If I’m already a subscriber and the Journal is now free, why do I have to re-register when my current subscription ends?

The transition to a free subscription model requires changes to how we collect information. Your registration information will be used to send issue notifications and help with demographic info for advertisers. As before, your registration information will never be shared or sold. Please see the privacy policy for more information.