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A New Release is On the Way!

Welcome to the September/October issue. As I write this, FreeBSD is putting the finishing touches on its next major release: 14.0. Stay tuned, as articles in the November/December issue will cover many of 14.0’s exciting new features.

In the meantime, the current issue provides some great reading while you’re waiting for 14.0 to hit a CDN server near you.

Tom Jones continues with his column aptly named “Recollections.” In this installment, Tom interviews Warner Losh, a long-time FreeBSD contributor and famous for melting laptops—among other stories.

Benedict Reuschling provides readers with a detailed walkthrough of using poudriere(8) to build local packages—from setting custom options to deploying signed package repositories to multiple client machines. Also, on the packages front, Charlie Li presents a brief history of packaging extensions in the Python ecosystem and the work to adapt FreeBSD’s ports tree to the most recent iteration.

To add jails to the mix, Alonso Cárdenas details the use of FreeBSD jails as the basis for a cybersecurity training platform using the existing open source tools Wazuh and Caldera.

One of the great things about the FreeBSD community is meeting up with members at events around the world. This issue contains a trip report from CCCamp 2023 and the November/December issue will highlight a report from EuroBSDCon 2023.

We enjoy hearing from readers and benefit from your communications with us. If you have feedback on published articles, suggested topics for future articles, or would like to write for the Journal, please email us at

John Baldwin
Chair of FreeBSD Journal Editorial Board

FreeBSD Journal, November/December 2023