November 18, 2022




Fall 2022 Update

Message from the Executive Director

How is it November? Many of us at the Foundation have been asking that question for a few days now. November means so many things at the Foundation: Reflection on the past year, a chance to express our gratitude to the community and more planning for the future.  Below you’ll see a review of some of the project development, getting started guides, and advocacy work we’ve done to support the Project over the past few months. I also encourage you to read my article on why your investment in FreeBSD is so important.  Also, don’t forget to check out the latest issue of the FreeBSD Journal. It’s still free! 

Finally, the Foundation team and I would like to take a minute to say Thank You to the outstanding FreeBSD community. We are so grateful for everything you do to make FreeBSD succeed. 

Happy Reading!

Foundation Highlights

Sharing Dual-Licensed Drivers between Linux and FreeBSD

As a silicon vendor, allowing device driver source code to be shared between Linux, FreeBSD, and other operating systems brings several benefits, including a potentially increased market, and additional collaboration effort resulting in increased test coverage and bug fixes.

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Invest in FreeBSD

Giving Season. It’s a term we use often as the year comes to an end. A time when we reflect on what’s been impactful to us over the past year and how to give back. Just like many other non profit organizations, Giving Season is an important time for the FreeBSD Foundation. It’s when we remind folks of the work we’re doing to support FreeBSD and ask for your help in continuing that work. However, it’s also important to know that when you support the FreeBSD Foundation, you’re not only giving back to what is important to you, you are also investing in the future of FreeBSD. Your funds directly impact the success of the operating system. Your investment ensures that FreeBSD stays the relevant, secure,  and sustainable operating system you’ve come to rely on.

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Binary Package Management on FreeBSD

The simplest way to install and manage applications and system tools on FreeBSD is through the pkg package management tool, which makes dealing with binary packages fast and easy. Binary packages are pre-compiled and require no in-depth understanding of compiling software on FreeBSD, making them the ideal method to install software for new users.

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Video Playback on FreeBSD – Quick Guide

Setting up basic video playback on FreeBSD is quick and simple! In this guide, we’ll download and set up the xine video player on a fresh FreeBSD install. The xine multimedia player relies on the XWindow system and the XVideo extension to provide a graphical video playback interface.

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Fall Foundation Software Development Update

OS Improvements

During the third quarter of 2022, 300 src, 36 ports, and 13 doc tree commits were made that identified The FreeBSD Foundation as a sponsor. It’s challenging to concisely summarize all this work. It varies from complex new features to various bug fixes spanning the src tree. A few highlights include adding ZFS support to makefs, adding experimental 16k page support on arm64, removing the default pager, and fixing race conditions in the event timer.

Sponsored Work

The FreeBSD also contracts companies and individuals to work on projects that benefit FreeBSD. Here is a summary of the projects that are in progress.

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SCALE19X Conference Report

On July 28th, I joined many in the FreeBSD community and headed to Los Angeles, California for SCALE19X. Being the first in-person conference that the Foundation had attended since the pandemic, we were excited to advocate for FreeBSD face-to-face.

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Keeping FreeBSD Secure: Learn the Whys and Hows with the FreeBSD Sec Team

Now we all know in the real world, trying to keep any type of technology secure is nearly a herculean task. Strengthening security for the FreeBSD Operating System is no different. But we wanted to know more about exactly what the FreeBSD Security Team does and why they do it. So, we sat down with Gordon Tetlow, a volunteer FreeBSD Security Officer, and Ed Maste, Deputy Security Officer, and Mark Johnston, a FreeBSD security team member. 

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FreeBSD Journal


The September/October 2022 issue of the FreeBSD Journal is here! This issue is all about Security, featuring an Introduction to CARP, PAM/SSH Tricks and Tips, and more!
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Why Choose FreeBSD

Modirum is a small but growing, multi-national company that provides both software and hosted services for banks, merchants, payment service providers and card companies all over the world. We use FreeBSD for all our hosted services, from routers and firewalls to application servers and databases.

– Eirik Øverby, Chief Operating Officer, Modirum


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