November 18, 2022

Giving Season. It’s a term we use often as the year comes to an end. A time when we reflect on what’s been impactful to us over the past year and how to give back. Just like many other non profit organizations, Giving Season is an important time for the FreeBSD Foundation. It’s when we remind folks of the work we’re doing to support FreeBSD and ask for your help in continuing that work. However, it’s also important to know that when you support the FreeBSD Foundation, you’re not only giving back to what is important to you, you are also investing in the future of FreeBSD. Your funds directly impact the success of the operating system. Your investment ensures that FreeBSD stays the relevant, secure,  and sustainable operating system you’ve come to rely on.

Specifically, your 2022 investment in FreeBSD will help us: 

  • Improve developer tools to increase developer velocity and improve efficiency by bringing on a full-time developer to improve developer tools to make it easier to make changes.
  • Continue the development and implementation of a FreeBSD technology roadmap to help drive innovation and software development efforts by hiring additional software developers to identify and implement key areas of improvement to FreeBSD
  • Improve the ease of adoption of FreeBSD, to make it easier for companies to start using FreeBSD by bringing on resources to improve this area of FreeBSD.
  • Gain better understanding of why organizations use FreeBSD by helping us bring on support to do additional market research leading to improved messaging and a greater user base. 
  • Creating educational content, including Coursera-type classes and workshops to recruit new users and developers to the Project by hiring 1 full-time person to head up this program.

The flat structure of FreeBSD and the collaborative community offers a unique combination for commercial success and developer satisfaction. By investing in our efforts you are helping us bring FreeBSD to a larger user base while supporting the sustainability and improvement of the operating system. Please consider making a donation today. We’re here for the long run to provide on-going support and guidance for FreeBSD. But, we can’t do this without your help.

Thank you to those who have already invested in FreeBSD this year! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Finally, if your company uses FreeBSD, please consider helping them invest in the Project by introducing them to our Partnership Program

Wishing you a very happy and healthy Giving Season, 

Deb Goodkin
Executive Director
FreeBSD Foundation