October 25, 2006

The Foundation has coordinated a project to support the IBM Bladeserver platform.

The Foundation provided updated Java binaries with the latest updates from Sun.

The Foundation has been vigilant in its responsibility of protecting the FreeBSD trademarks. We have created a set of guidelines that businesses, organizations, and individuals must follow in order to have permission to use the trademarks. We’d like to thank all the companies, organizations, developers, authors, website owners, and other individuals who have been so cooperative towards seeking permission to use the trademarks. By following our usage guidelines you are helping to protect the image and integrity of the FreeBSD products and services. We’d also like to thank the FreeBSD community for helping identify unauthorized use of the trademarks.

As stewards of the FreeBSD project, we have the responsibility of managing the financial resources of the community. As a continued effort to keep the FreeBSD community informed on how we spend their money, we publish our financial data quarterly. We are pleased to announce we have published our 2006 Q1-Q3 financial data on our website.

The Trademark Usage Terms and Conditions documentation was updated August 21. Please make sure if you have been granted permission to use any of the Foundation’s trademarks, that you review this document again.