June 25, 2006

Java binaries that support FreeBSD 5.5/i386, 6.1/i386, and 6.1/amd64 will be available by mid-July! Stay tuned for an announcement to be sent out to the project when these are available.

Java™ OEM binaries are now available! Please make sure you read the license agreement including Exhibit A at the bottom. Exhibit A will help you understand if you will need a commercial license from Sun and how to get a trademark license with Sun.

The Trademark Usage Terms and Conditions documentation is now available. Please review this document before using the trademarks ‘FreeBSD’ or the FreeBSD Logo.

Thank you to all the companies, organizations, developers, authors, website owners, and other individuals who have been so cooperative towards seeking permission to use the trademarks. By following our usage guidelines you are helping to protect the image and integrity of the FreeBSD products and services. To help you with the use of the trademark, we plan to add a trademark FAQ soon to our website.