January 12, 2004

BERKELEY, Calif., Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ — The FreeBSD Project announced today the availability of FreeBSD 5.2, the latest version of the project’s powerful operating system. This latest release is the culmination of three years of development on FreeBSD version 5, and includes several widely-sought features:

  • Out-of-the-box enterprise integration via Name Service Switching, allowing transparent implementation of FreeBSD in a directory-based authentication environment.
  • An NFS version 4 client is now included.
  • Countless stability and performance improvements, such as fine-grained network stack locking, are included.
  • AMD’s Opteron is now a fully-supported Tier 1 platform.

Building on the success of FreeBSD 5.1, FreeBSD 5.2 includes new features and incremental improvements in areas where FreeBSD already dominates, such as network performance, stability, and reliability. FreeBSD 5.2 ships with the latest applications, and is ready for immediate deployment as a desktop or server system for those users who are interested in the latest FreeBSD technology.

“With this release, the technologies first showcased in the FreeBSD 5 releases are demonstrating their potential for real-world users,” says Scott Long, FreeBSD Release Engineer. “I’m delighted that our hard work has been received with so much excitement from our users.”

About the FreeBSD Project

The FreeBSD Project provides a free UNIX-like operating system for the x86, x86-64, Itanium, Alpha and UltraSPARC platforms, based on the industry-standard Berkeley Software Distribution. The FreeBSD Project includes several thousand developers from dozens of countries around the world, who funnel their work through a team of several hundred committers. FreeBSD is available for free on the Internet, and as a shrink-wrap product through many different retail vendors, listed at www.FreeBSD.org/vendors.html . For more information, please visit FreeBSD on the Web at www.FreeBSD.org .

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