Join Dan Langille as he takes you through the basics of ZFS including: 

  • A short history of the origins
  • An overview of how ZFS works
  • Replacing a failed drive
  • Why you don’t want a RAID card
  • Scalability
  • Data integrity (detection of file corruption)
  • Why you’ll love snapshots
  • Sending of filesystems to remote servers
  • Creating a mirror
  • How to create a ZFS array with multiple drives which can lose up to 3 drives without loss of data.
  • Mounting datasets anywhere in other datasets
  • Using zfs to save your current install before upgrading it
  • Simple recommendations for ZFS arrays
  • Why single drive ZFS is better than no ZFS
  • No, you don’t need ECC
  • Quotas
  • Monitoring ZFS

The one-hour session will take place at 10am PDT/17:00 UTC  at