The 2017 Ohio LinuxFest Call for Presentations is now open. Taking place September 29 – 30, 2017 , in Columbus, OH, OLF ’17 is looking for talks that offer a practical benefit to the audience, showing them how to use or set up a particular tool. Covering best practices using a case study based on your experience, such as in development or security, is also popular. Past subjects have included:

    • IPv6 networking
    • Performance tuning and optimization
    • Scaling distributed systems
    • General systems administration
    • Media production with Free Software
    • Web operations
    • Virtualization
    • Containers
    • Databases
    • Storage
    • Unveiling new Free and Open Source software

They also welcome non-technical subjects like licensing or “soft skills” such as delegation or working in teams, although these are best delivered by experienced speakers. The Career Track welcomes presentations about career management and hiring companies presenting about open positions. 

Proposals are due July, 14, 2017. Find out more and submit your FreeBSD talk today.