July 28, 2017

FreeBSD 11.1 Release

The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team released FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE on July 26, which is the second release from the stable/11 branch, building upon the stability and reliability of 11.0-RELEASE. For more information on what has happened since 11.0-RELEASE, please visit

The releng/11.1 branch was created from stable/11 on June 29, which marked the release candidate milestone phase of the cycle. Three BETA and three RC (release candidates) have been released, with the final RELEASE build started on July 21 with the final announcement following on July 26.

The final release announcement for FreeBSD 11.1 is available at here.

– Contributed by Glen Barber

Note:┬áThe Foundation is pleased to sponsor many of the Project’s Release Engineering efforts including providing a full-time release engineer to ensure an efficient and reliable release schedule. Congratulations to the RE team on a successful release.