December 6, 2023

It’s that time again. The part of the year where I remind you of all the ways your investment in us has helped the FreeBSD Project thrive. Of course, it’s not the first time you’ve heard about the work we’ve been doing. Our Quarterly Status Updates, Newsletters, and upcoming Year-End reports give you that information. So, instead of looking back, let’s focus on what your investment in us this year will help us accomplish in 2024. The Foundation team is growing, and as the team grows, so do our efforts to support the Project in the coming year. 

As we build our 2024 plan, our focus will be to improve the desktop/user experience to make it easier to start using FreeBSD, implement key features and technologies to ensure FreeBSD is the operating system of choice for your application, and growing and engaging with the community.​​ More specifically, your investment will help us in the following areas:

  • Improving the ease of adoption of FreeBSD for users by providing a more out-of-the-box experience by working on areas such as improving hardware support for a curated set of laptops, making sure that FreeBSD works well on low-cost arm64 platforms, reducing the time and number of steps to install FreeBSD, and providing more documentation on the new user experience. 
  • Implementing key features and technologies to help drive innovation and keep FreeBSD the secure, stable, and reliable operating system you rely on for current and new applications. 
  • Increasing the visibility of FreeBSD to drive adoption in key use cases.
  • Building community to facilitate an atmosphere for innovation, collaboration, and education through content creation, community events, and increased opportunities for developer interaction.

Through these efforts, we work to support you, the community of contributors, users, and advocates, to help ensure the continuity of FreeBSD as a viable option for operating system choice.

Please consider investing in FreeBSD in 2024, and thank you again to those who have already invested in FreeBSD this year! Your support is greatly appreciated.

On behalf of the FreeBSD Foundation team, I wish you a very happy holiday season.


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