June 15, 2023

30 Years! Can you believe it? June 19, 2023 marks 30 years since the FreeBSD operating system got its name. As you may know, the anniversary of FreeBSD has been named FreeBSD Day. If you love FreeBSD as much as we do, join us on June 19 and throughout the week to help us celebrate this exciting milestone. Ideas for celebrating include:

  • Introduce someone to FreeBSD by sharing the training materials on the FreeBSD Resources Page.
  • Take time to learn more about the history of FreeBSD through the Fireside Chats and Timeline.
  • Send us stories of how your company uses FreeBSD to great success.
  • Check out the special 30th Anniversary Issue of the FreeBSD Journal -available on June 19.
  • Tell us why you love FreeBSD using #FreeBSD30 on your Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter posts.
  • Consider donating to the Foundation to help us continue our support of the Project.

Find out more about FreeBSD Day and the other ways you can help us commemorate 30 years of your favorite open source operating system.