June 19 is FreeBSD Day!

We’re pleased to announce that June 19 has been declared FreeBSD Day. Join us in honoring The FreeBSD Project’s pioneering legacy and continuing impact on technology.

What is FreeBSD

FreeBSD is an open-source operating system developed out of the University of California at Berkley in 1993. Used by billions of people around the globe, FreeBSD is used to teach operating system concepts in universities. Companies also develop products on FreeBSD, and universities use it as a research platform.

In fact, there’s a good chance you’re already using at least some code derived from FreeBSD in your everyday life. For example, if you stream movies via Netflix, or play the latest PlayStation 5 game sensation, you’re already using FreeBSD.

As a pioneer in open-source technology, FreeBSD can be modified and redesigned to meet the needs of the user, free of charge within the guidelines of the license. 

Why June 19th

June 19, 1993 was the day the official name for FreeBSD was agreed upon. See part of the email thread here.

Help Us Celebrate

This year, the Foundation is starting the celebration a little early. If you love FreeBSD as much as we do, join us starting on July 19 and through the following week to help us celebrate your favorite open source operating system by doing the following: 

  • Introduce someone to FreeBSD by showing them:
    •  FreeBSD How-To Guides – From FreeBSD on Virtual Box to setting up our own Minecraft server, there are are a number of things to learn about. Stay tuned for new and updated How-to videos all week long.
    • The FreeBSD Fridays series of introductory talks
    • More about the history of FreeBSD here.
  • Send us stories of how your company uses FreeBSD to great success
  • Tell us why you love FreeBSD using #FreeBSDDay on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts
  • Check out the FreeBSD Journal and share with your friends and colleagues.
  • Consider donating to the Foundation to help us continue our support of the Project.

We look forward to commemorating the 29th anniversary of our favorite open source operating system on June 19 and beyond, and we hope you’ll join us!