May 28, 2012

The next trip report is from Daichi Goto:

I traveled with Hiroki SATO to Ottawa, Canada from May to 15, 2012, staying at the residence of Ottawa University and joining the FreeBSD Developer Summit, FreeBSD VendorSummit, FreeBSD DocSummit, BSD Certification Group meeting, and BSDCan 2012.

What did you accomplish by attending the conference?

I have written ten BSDCan2012 related articles for the “FreeBSD Daily Topics” section of The articles describe the FreeBSD VendorSummit, FreeBSD DevSummit, Ports Working Group, Hyper-V FreeBSD support, FreeBSD kload, ZFS improvements, pkgng, PBIs, the BSDCan auction, and FreeBSD Developer Awards. Articles will be posted one per day and the complete list can be found at

What did you learn?

I didn’t know about FreeBSD kload until after I participated in that session. That is a facinating technology. In addition, the Hyper-V section by Microsoft and NetApp’s engineers was interesting, too.

What contacts did you make?

  • Hiroki SATO: we always travel together and I have learned a lot of things from him. As a matter of fact, he is my FreeBSD teacher.
  • Tetsuo SAITO: FreeBSD engineer of KDDI Web Communication. I and Sato-san invited him to the VendorSummit and the DevSummit.
  • many other FreeBSD folks.

Links to blogs, white papers, or reports that can be helpful for the Foundation:

Articles will be posted one per day and the complete list can be found at

Thanks again to the Foundation for your support!