December 30, 2019

Modirum is a small but growing, multi-national company that provides both software and hosted services for banks, merchants, payment service providers and card companies all over the world. We use FreeBSD for all our hosted services, from routers and firewalls to application servers and databases.

Like so many other cases, our use of FreeBSD originates in personal choices made a long, long time ago. By now we may have more, or different, reasons for sticking with FreeBSD, but the reasons for making those choices way back are still sound: It’s saner than that other !Unix, it’s better documented, it’s more focused in its efforts, and it has a coherent userland that really hasn’t changed much over the years.

FreeBSD does a lot of things very well, and a few things exceptionally well. We love the auditing tools, ZFS, jails and the sheer efficiency of it all.

Thank you, FreeBSD community!

– Eirik √ėverby, Chief Operating Officer, Modirum