December 28, 2015

Atlantic.Net is a hosting solutions provider specializing in Cloud & SSD VPS (Virtual Servers) services. We were founded in 1994, initially providing dial-up Internet access to second-tier and rural markets throughout Florida. Our business model has changed through the years, from providing residential dial-up Internet access, Enterprise connectivity and business solutions, server co-location, and most recently managed hosting & VPS services.

FreeBSD has been an integral part of shaping many of today’s Internet technologies which benefit all Internet users worldwide. We have been using FreeBSD for decades, and based on our history, it has been a flexible tool adapting itself to the changing conditions that have occurred as the Internet has grown. Along the way, FreeBSD has been hallmark of stability, order, and management of one of the Internet’s most valuable resources — the “free” BSD operating system.

We wholeheartedly recommend FreeBSD and believe it to be one of the best gifts and lasting treasures of the global Internet. So many Internet technologies, decades later, are still deriving their work from the foundation that FreeBSD has provided. Over the last 20 years, we are very proud of how FreeBSD and the community have evolved and improved. We can’t wait to see what the next 20 years bring!

– Marty Puranik, Founder/CEO, Atlantic.Net