Naman Sood is a FreeBSD Foundation summer intern who has been working on networking-related tasks. Naman began the internship by submitting improvements to one of the firewalls included with FreeBSD, pf. For example, they completed work started by Luiz Amaral to allow traffic for pfsync, pf’s state table synchronization interface, to be carried over IPv6. They also submitted work to implement RFC 4787 REQs 1 and 3 for pf full cone NAT.  Full cone NAT means all requests from an internal IP/port are mapped to the same external IP/port, which allows certain devices like the Nintendo Switch to work behind pf running on FreeBSD. Naman also took on miscellaneous tasks such as exploring extracting tcp checkpoint and failover work from a project called VPS for FreeBSD started by Klaus P. Ohrhallinger and submitting bug fixes for pw(8) and du(1).