In Progress

FreeBSD’s continuous integration (CI) infrastructure is based on Jenkins. A job is run every time a developer pushes a commit to the FreeBSD src repository. There is a desire to make this more accessible for developers in a pre-commit environment. When problems arise in a CI run, it can be hard to resolve them. There is also a desire to have private FreeBSD runners that the popular git hosting services could leverage to create CI infrastructure for people pushing to private branches. To that end, Muhammad Moinur Rahman aims to take CI scripts written by Li-Wen Hsu and make them available to developers as part of the build system. Similar to how make universe or make tinderbox builds all supported architectures, make ci would achieve something similar for all the supported builds. A parallel goal is to make it possible for developers to run individual CI jobs when debugging problems. The hope is that this flexibility will also allow for others to integrate these builds / scripts into other CI tools like Cirrus CI that are run from Github.