The FreeBSD Foundation is searching for a contractor whose role will be to do all that is necessary to make FreeBSD/amd64 and FreeBSD/arm64 officially supported OpenJDK platforms.  In the past, Oracle was willing to upstream the port under certain conditions:

  • The FreeBSD port must pass the JCK test suite.
  • New changes must be tested.
  • FreeBSD support must be added for new mandatory features.

Other tasks may include:

  • Setting up OpenJDK CI for FreeBSD
  • Handling bug reports related to running Java on FreeBSD
  • Working to build a community around Java on FreeBSD

Required skills:

  • Strong C/C++ background
  • Strong systems programming background
  • Familiarity with Java

The contract is for a six-month term with a possible renewal at the end of the period.

Please send your cover letter and resume to