January 25, 2014

We were pleased to sponsor the OpenZFS Developer Summit 2014, which took place on November 10-11, in San Francisco, CA.

The Foundation had a fabulous time exhibiting at USENIX LISA ’14, which took place November 9-14, in Seattle, WA. We enjoyed speaking with everyone. Special thanks to those who donated to the Foundation.

Thanks to everyone who attended the FreeBSD Developer and Vendor Summit, November 3-4, in San Jose, CA. The Foundation was pleased to sponsor the event along with Microsoft and RootBSD. See more about their sponsorship here.

The Foundation was pleased to sponsor and attend MeetBSD California 2014, which took place November 1-2, in San Jose, CA. It was a fantastic event and we’d like to thank everyone who donated.

We participated in Ohio LinuxFest 2014 which took place October 24-26, in Columbus, OH.

The Foundation particpated in All Things Open which took place October 22-23, in Raleigh, NC.

We were proud to be a Silver Sponsor at the Grace Hopper Celebration which took place, October 8-10, in Phoenix, AZ.

A record breaking USENIX OSDI ’14 took place on October 6-8, in Broomfield, CA. The Foundation took part as an Industry Partner.

We were pleased to support USENIX Diversity ’14 as an Industry Partner. The workshop took place October 5, in Broomfield, CA.

The FreeBSD Foundation would like to extend a huge Thank You to Rambus Inc. and Cryptography Research Inc. for their $350,000 donation in support of the Project. It is because of forward thinking, socially responsible organizations like Rambus that the Foundation and the FreeBSD Project are able to continue to grow and thrive. Please take a moment to read about their exceptional acquisition plan that lead to significant charitable donations and happier employees.

We were a proud Gold Sponsor of EuroBSDCon 2014 which took place September 27-28 in Sofia, Bulgaria. We enjoyed seeing everyone and would like to send out a special thank you to those who made a donation.

We were proud to be a Silver Sponsor of Fossetcon 2014 which took place September 11-13.

We were proud to be a Gold Sponsor of BSDCam: The Cambridge Developer Summit, which took place July 9-12.

We were a proud sponsor of AsiaBSDCon 2014, March 15-16, in Tokyo, Japan. We had four board members attend the conference. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table and made a donation.

We represented the Foundation at SCALE, Feb 21-23, in Los Angeles.

We were proud to be a Gold Sponsor for NYCBSDCon 2014, Feb 8, in New York City. It was a successful event and we were happy to receive some donations there.

Happy New Year! We have our final fundraising results from 2013 and are pleased with the results. In 2013 we raised $768,562 from 1659 donors. We have already started our 2014 fundraising efforts and our goal is to raise $1,000,000. Please make your investment in FreeBSD now, by making a donation today! Click here to make a donation.