January 25, 2009

Happy New Year! Our final 2008 fundraising total was $282,481! We would like to thank everyone who made a donation in 2008. The FreeBSD community really came through for us.

Our 2009 fundraising goal is $300,000. We have already received over $1700 in donations this year. And we have listed these donors on our donor page.

Our End-of-Year Newsletter is now available! Click here to read about how we’ve supported the FreeBSD Project and community this year.

FreeBSD Foundation president, Robert Watson, recently presented a Foundation status update at the MeetBSD 2008 conference in Mountain View, California. You can listen to Robert’s talk on YouTube, by clicking here.

The foundation is currently funding three projects. They are improving the FreeBSD TCP stack, tolerating the removal of active disk devices, and the third will be announced soon. Click here to read more.

The network stack virtualization project has been completed. Click here to find out what was involved with this project.