November 15, 2022

The FreeBSD Foundation is pleased to announce that FreeBSD is one of the platforms that is ready to run on the 4th generation AMD EPYC™ Processors. Thanks to an early collaboration with AMD, the FreeBSD Foundation was able to establish an easy integration.

“Early access allowed us to make sure that FreeBSD is ready to run on this platform,” said Ed Maste, FreeBSD Foundation Sr. Director of Technology. “Our work in the FreeBSD Foundation Lab has shown that 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors are raising the bar in both performance and efficiency.”

“We’re thrilled with the launch of the 4th Gen EPYC™ Processor and the commitment AMD has made to work closely with the FreeBSD Foundation, ensuring FreeBSD is well supported on their newest platforms,” said Deb Goodkin, Executive Director of the FreeBSD Foundation.

Continuing on the success of our collaboration with AMD on the previous generation of AMD EPYC™ processors has allowed the Project and AMD to again showcase that FreeBSD is able to compete with other open source operating systems. It also highlights the commitment AMD has to open source.

“AMD continues to view the open-source ecosystem as a fundamental part of our software strategy, said Raghu Nambiar, Corporate Vice President Datacenter Ecosystems at AMD. “As we continue to release new generations of AMD EPYC™ processors, our early engagement with key players like FreeBSD is crucial to helping us verify that everything works as expected, that all new features are supported, and that we can continue to deliver industry-leading performance and TCO.”