Where the Code Comes From

What is FreeBSD? 

FreeBSD is a free Unix-like operating system descended from Research Unix via the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), also known as “Berkeley Unix.” Find out more about key features and applications here.

Who is Using FreeBSD?

Probably a lot more people than you think. FreeBSD is everywhere. In fact, there’s a good chance you’re using at least some code derived from FreeBSD in your everyday life. If you stream movies via Netflix, chat with friends on WhatsApp, or play the latest PlayStation 4 game sensation, you’re already using FreeBSD. That’s only the beginning though, take a look at just some of the companies and applications using FreeBSD.

A more comprehensive list can be found here.

Open Source Products from FreeBSD

FreeBSD is also the basis for a number of commercial and open-source operating systems. Some of the most widely used and publicly available systems are listed below.

Please let us know if we’ve missed a product that should be listed here. 

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Get Involved!

From code-related tasks, to assisting with documentation, translation, and advocacy, we’re always looking for volunteers to work with an active, committed community, bringing about a better world powered by FreeBSD. Find out more here.