December 5, 2012

Dear FreeBSD Community,

Your donations have helped make FreeBSD the best OS available! By investing in The FreeBSD Foundation you have helped us keep FreeBSD a high-performance, secure, and stable operating system.

Thanks to people like you, the FreeBSD Foundation has been proudly supporting the FreeBSD Project and community for 12 years now. We are incredibly grateful for all the support we receive from you and so many individuals and organizations that value FreeBSD. As of this writing we have raised $250,000 towards our goal of raising $500,000. Would you consider making a gift to support our work in 2013?

Donations can easily be made here.

This year your donations helped FreeBSD by:

  • Funding development projects to improve FreeBSD, including: Capsicum Application Sandboxing, Growing UFS Filesystems Online, the NAND Flash File System, IPv6 Performance Analysis and Improvements, Distributed Security Audit Logging, and porting FreeBSD to the Efika ARM platform.
  • Educating the public and promoting FreeBSD. We produced a high-quality FreeBSD 9 brochure and visited companies to help facilitate collaboration efforts with the Project.
  • Sponsoring BSD conferences and summits in Europe, Japan, Canada, and the US.
  • Protecting FreeBSD IP and providing legal support to the Project.
  • Purchasing hardware to build and improve FreeBSD project infrastructure.

The FreeBSD Foundation is well known for its successful development projects.Our 2013 plans are even more ambitious and we have recently hired two full-time technical staff members to help achieve these goals.

But are you aware of the tangible benefits derived from our support of the FreeBSD community?The words from one of our travel grant recipients, Alberto Mijares, help tell that story:

“Attending EuroBSDCon motivated me so much that I organized a meeting with my peers just to share my experiences.I gave a talk about IPv6 and FreeBSD at a local student event. I also want to take the BSD certification exam at BSDCan and I’m planning a big BSD event in my country in 2013 or early 2014.”

Alberto also recently submitted a PR with a new port for the Ports Collection and he’s joining the effort to translate the updated FreeBSD handbook into Spanish. He also wants to become a BSD Certification exam facilitator.

And there are so many others we support who are a part of the FreeBSD movement! Stay tuned as we begin our Faces of FreeBSD Campaign. Starting this month we will be spotlighting different people on our website and FaceBook page who have received funding to work on development projects, run conferences, travel to conferences, and advocate for FreeBSD. The numbers are growing thanks to your support!

Donate today to help us continue and increase our support of the FreeBSD Project and community worldwide! Making a donation is quick and easy.