May 21, 2024

Conference season is upon us and I am looking forward to heading to BSDCan 2024 next week. One of the three major BSD-related conferences, BSDCan takes place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada from May 28 to June 1. In person, BSD-related conferences like these, provide significant value to the FreeBSD Community by offering a venue for developers, users, advocates, and other contributors to work together, share ideas, and learn from each other. I’ve had the opportunity to attend many of these events, and the energy and passion that is shared is infectious. Everyone leaves feeling invigorated to work on new projects, fix challenges they’ve been facing, or move forward with an idea that was developing in their heads.

People of all ages and levels of experience come together at these conferences to share their knowledge and to support each other. It’s inspiring to see long-time contributors eagerly helping newer members and embracing fresh ideas. The exchange of perspectives between seasoned and young attendees creates an open and collaborative atmosphere that benefits everyone involved.

The Foundation has a small travel grant budget to assist FreeBSD contributors who need assistance with their travel expenses. For BSDCan, we approved 3 travel grant applicants, and are looking forward to reading their conference reports to learn how attending the conference will enable them to better FreeBSD. We believe that their participation in BSDCan will greatly benefit both them and the Project, and we see these grants as important investments in FreeBSD.

Go here to learn more about upcoming conferences, and here to learn more about our travel grant program.

I hope to see you at a FreeBSD-related conference soon!

– Contributed by Deb Goodkin