January 11, 2019

The November/December 2018 issue of the FreeBSD Journal is now available! The latest issue is focused on FreeBSD 12.0 and more!

As we begin 2019, we’d like to make a big announcement. Beginning with the January/February 2019 issue, the FreeBSD Journal will be freely available to everyone. Yes, Free.

Why, you might ask? A big part of the FreeBSD Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness of FreeBSD throughout the world. We know that the FreeBSD Journal is the best venue for keeping those interested in FreeBSD up-to-date. Our articles are timely and informative. Therefore, the Foundation has decided that the benefit of making it freely accessible to everyone will outweigh the cost of producing it. However, we will continue to accept donations if you’d like to help support the Journal.

That’s not all. We’re also moving away from the Apple and Google mobile apps and debuting an enhanced browser-based edition that will provide a much better experience for readers using any device—mobile or otherwise–for reading the Journal. If you currently view the Journal on one of the mobile apps, please ignore any renewal reminders you may receive and check out our FAQ for more information on how to sign up for the browser-based edition.