October 4, 2023

The FreeBSD Project is always excited for new users and contributors! The easiest way to get involved is through the community itself: mailing lists, social media, and local meetups. These spaces are filled with FreeBSD users, developers, and enthusiasts who are excited to help new users. They’re great places to discuss FreeBSD, meet community members, and ask questions about the operating system.

Looking to give back to the community? New contributors can help proofread existing documentation, provide entirely new detailed documentation, recommend bug fixes, and port new software to FreeBSD. No matter what your expertise, there’s a place for everyone!

Get connected through FreeBSD Mailing lists!

  • The FreeBSD-Questions Mailing List Is a great starting place to connect with the greater FreeBSD community, while possibly finding answers to any issues you encounter while using FreeBSD.

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