January 28, 2020

Attending FOSDEM ’20? Don’t forget to check out the many FreeBSD-related talks and be sure to stop by the FreeBSD Stand to chat with members of the Foundation team and FreeBSD community.

Below are just some of the FreeBSD-related activities at FOSDEM this year:

FreeBSD Mini-Dev Summit on Friday: Sponsored by the FreeBSD Foundation, the Mini summit will cover topics including FreeBSD as a desktop and  generating ideas for the Project’s participation in Google Summer of Code.

The Hidden Early History of Unix on Saturday: While not specifically FreeBSD focused, Warner Losh of the FreeBSD Core Team, will talk about the forgotten history of early Unix.

BSD Devroom on Sunday: Foundation Executive Director, Deb Goodkin will be giving the presentation “FreeBSD Around the World”. The track also includes talks, “KDE on FreeBSD”, by Adriaan de Groot, “Orchestrating jails with nomad and pot”, by Luca Pizzamiglio, and much more.

FreeBSD Stand on Saturday and Sunday: Located in Building K, Level 1 Group A, Stand 4.