June 23, 2023

We’re celebrating FreeBSD Day all week long by focusing on a different aspect of FreeBSD each day!

Today’s Theme: Performance

FreeBSD is known for a lot of things, but high performance seems to come up over and over again. Thanks to the efficient kernel design, broad scalability and of course, integrated filesystems like ZFS, FreeBSD is designed with performance in mind. In fact, Netflix has done numerous talks about thethe kind of cutting-edge networking throughput they’re seeing. But it’s not just Netflix that benefits from FreeBSD’s high performance capabilities. Companies like Simpro, and Deepstack have given talks about how they have benefitted from FreeBSD’s performance capabilities.

For information on how you can better tune your performance on your own FreeBSD systems,
Check out:

BSDCan 2023 Talks:

When you combine FreeBSD’s stability with robust network stack and customizable tuning and optimization options, you have all the tools you need to reach all of your performance goals.