May 25, 2010

Recently, the Foundation sponsored Ivor Prebeg from the University of Zagreb to attend BSDCan and the FreeBSD Developer Summit. Ivor had this to say about his experiences at the conference:

I managed to make contacts and find commiters who might be willing to review and eventually commit patches I have. I had the chance to chat with Bjoern Zeeb (bz@) about VIMAGE stuff and how are we going to proceed with merging the code into HEAD and after that. Had a really great time with nice people who made me look forward to working with and meeting them again.

Besides multicast routing virtualization and IGMP snooping extensions, I learned a lot about other areas of *BSD development that I had no clue about, like packet scheduling, ClangBSD branch, mesh networks… I was also thinking about joining the ClangBSD team if I have enough free time.

I had a great time hanging out with Roman Divacky, Ed Schouten, Alexander Motin, Gavin Atkinson, Bjoern Zeeb, Marc Balmer and all the other wonderful people that made my stay in Canada even more delightful.