August 28, 2017

The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team started the 10.4-RELEASE cycle, headed by Marius Strobl, late July, following the availability of 11.1-RELEASE. At the time of this writing, two BETA builds have been released for public testing.

FreeBSD 10.4 builds upon the stability and reliability of 10.3-RELEASE, and is expected to be the final release from the 10.x series. For information and progress of the major milestones during the 10.4 release cycle, see the release schedule page .

Following the recent availability of 11.1-RELEASE just over a month ago, and how well the release cycle progressed and stayed on schedule, Glen Barber will be giving a brief talk at the Developer Summit preceding vBSDCon in Reston, Virginia. The talk will comprise mostly of what went well during 11.1, what we can improve upon as a Project, and will lead into a question and answer session with the FreeBSD developers in attendance.

– contributed by Glen Barber