June 27, 2024

Presenters: Deb Goodkin, Ed Maste, Joseph Mingrone

The FreeBSD Foundation update, presented by Deb Goodkin, Ed Maste, and Joseph Mingrone, provided a comprehensive overview of the Foundation’s ongoing efforts and strategic goals. Goodkin began by highlighting the Foundation’s commitment to increasing the adoption of FreeBSD, enhancing its visibility, and supporting its users. “Our goal is to increase the visibility of FreeBSD, ensuring that more people hear about and use it in various contexts,” Goodkin stated.

Deb elaborated on the Foundation’s focus areas for 2024, which include marketing and software development. She emphasized the importance of advocacy and visibility, noting that many users and companies are unaware of FreeBSD’s capabilities. “We are promoting your work and enabling technology by advocating for FreeBSD in various ways,” Goodkin explained, underscoring the Foundation’s role in raising awareness and driving adoption. 

Ed Maste discussed the FreeBSD Foundation’s process for deciding which projects to undertake. He explained the criteria and factors taken into account when choosing projects that align with the Foundation’s goals and the overall needs of the FreeBSD community. This transparency in project selection helps ensure that the Foundation’s work is focused on initiatives that will have the greatest impact and benefit for FreeBSD users and developers.

The update also covered the Foundation’s efforts in organizing and running events, such as the Developer Summit, to foster community engagement and collaboration. Joseph Mingrone highlighted the importance of these events in bringing together developers, users, and stakeholders to share knowledge and discuss future directions. “Events like this summit are crucial for fostering community engagement and collaboration,” Mingrone said, emphasizing the value of these gatherings in shaping the future of FreeBSD.

Overall, the Foundation’s update reinforced its commitment to supporting FreeBSD through strategic initiatives, community engagement, and advocacy, ensuring the project’s growth and sustainability.