January 8, 2020

2019 has been our busiest year yet! We promoted, presented and ran FreeBSD workshops at 38 events around the world; committed over 1200 code changes; reviewed and provided feedback on 100s of other developer changes, and improved the continuous integration test pass rate by almost 100%! We were able to do this and more because of funding from people like you.

I’m deeply grateful to the FreeBSD community, commercial users, and other individuals and organizations who gave us financial contributions in 2019 totaling over $2.2 Million dollars to support our work. I truly believe this validates our efforts to support FreeBSD. I want to extend a thank you to an anonymous donor who gave us $1,000,000 to fund software development work over the next few years, and give a big shout out to some of the commercial users like Intel, NetApp, Netflix, Juniper, and Facebook who gave generous contributions last year.

In addition, I want to send a heartfelt thank you to all the individuals who gave financial contributions from $10 to $2000 in 2019. All of these contributions are what’s going to help keep FreeBSD the secure, stable, and innovative operating system that you love.

Since we are 100% funded by donations, we depend on these donations to help fund our work to support the Project in the following ways:

  • Having software developers on staff who can quickly step in to fix issues, provide security workarounds, and implement new features and functionality
  • Improving and increasing test coverage, continuous integration, and automated testing with a full-time software engineer
  • Advocating for FreeBSD and teaching FreeBSD around the world to recruit more FreeBSD contributors and users
  • Participating in Security Team efforts
  • Providing leadership and guidance for the direction of FreeBSD
  • Providing staff to assist with clusteradmin, release engineering, and FreeBSD events

Thank you again for your support and let’s make 2020 our best year yet!

Deb Goodkin
FreeBSD Foundation Executive Director