June 23, 2016

This was my first time visiting Canada and the biggest FreeBSD event. I met FreeBSD Project founders and had a chance to speak with almost all of the people I worked with last year. I also gave a presentation about the FreeBSD/RISC-V project (in the developer summit track) covering its status, goals reached, plans for future, etc. We found that people from universities are mostly interested in FreeBSD/RISC-V, while commercial companies have less interest at this moment. I chatted with Marshall Kirk McKusick about the FreeBSD/RISC-V project, and challenges we had during porting, and we concluded we should setup better communication with RISC-V project founders. I also chatted with a person from Apple about CHERI; had a hacking session with Mark Johnston on a DTrace front; met guys from Netflix that I was working with before; and met some other Russians from iXsystems, Facebook, as well as many other folks. I worked on attracting new people to help with the FreeBSD/RISC-V project. Finally, I had a hacking session with Sevan where we successfully updated our copy of RISC-V toolchain while sitting in a reception hall!

Thank you very much for sponsoring part of my trip to the biggest FreeBSD event!